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Maids Head launch for Woodfordes East Anglian Ale Trail

Maids Head launch for Woodfordes East Anglian Ale Trail

We hosted the launch of Woodfordes Ale Trail last Wednesday, thought to be the largest brewery-organised trail in the UK. The trail runs until 30 September 2015 and takes in pubs across Woodfordes home county of Norfolk as well as Suffolk, Cambridge, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Peterborough and parts of London.

Rupert Farquharson, managing director of Woodforde’s said, “The Ale Trail is a very special promotion as it raises the profile of great real ale pubs, reflects the growing popularity of real ale and delivers a fantastic customer experience. Encouraging customers to enjoy real ale and support their local pubs is, in many ways, at the centre of what our business tries to do.”

“The added benefit this year is that we’ve introduced the app which enables trail-goers to tailor the way in which they research or locate pubs, based on factors like location or facilities.”

“The app makes it much easier for consumers to interact with pubs in ‘real time’, be it via social media or getting travel directions to the front door. Celebrating, enjoying and supporting great real ale pubs is at the heart of it.”

Christine Malcolm, General Manager at the Maids Head in Norwich said: “We were very pleased to host the launch of Woodfordes new Ale Trail App. Combining an app with the guide book is an excellent development for the Ale Trail. Their beers are very popular with our guests, including our special Maids Head Ale, which is brewed by Woodfordes. We are looking forward to seeing visitors finding their way to our historic Maids Head Bar using the latest digital technology. Our guests can also use digital technology to order their favourite Woodfordes beer from the comfort of their bedroom using our new iPad based iRiS system.”

As before, trail-goers will collect stickers for Woodfordes pints purchased in each Trail pub visited (one per pub). The more stickers collected, the bigger and better the prizes from the Norfolk brewery; from a limited edition t-shirt to bottles and boxes of beer.

Stickers can be collected up to and including 30 September 2015. Prizes must be redeemed by 31 October 2015. As well as the app, printed Pub Guides will also be available.

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