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Mental Health First Aid Training

Maids Head Mental Health First Aiders Maids Head Mental Health First Aiders

We are incredibly proud of our General Manager, Christine and Operations Managers Jon and Alex who have now completed their Mental Health First Aid Training. Huge congratulations to all three of you.

The two-day course, accredited by Mental Health England is available to study online, via zoom. The vision of MHFA England is to improve the mental health of the nation. They are focussed on providing support in the workplace and helping to look after the mental health of employees.

Jon explained that the well delivered Mental Health First Aid training course had a small number of just 10 attendees. The content focussing on all matters relating to mental health, from depression to alcohol and drug abuse and anxiety disorder to psychosis. Learning very much focussed on discussion and many breakout activities where small groups were given different scenarios to consider and then report back on for further discussion with their peers and Tutor. Key elements always being to show empathy and understanding and to use open questions, initiating more listening than talking. Most importantly, NEVER be too busy to not recognise and respond immediately to a colleagues request to talk.

The support offered by MHFA England includes access to an APP which provides the opportunity to confidentially log all conversations. Key words from the record are then recognised and the APP will then recommend advice that can be offered, as well as signposting to local organisations where the individual can seek professional help.

Christine has always adopted an Open-Door policy. Staff have always very much appreciated knowing that a confidential listening ear is available to them. Now, having undertaken the course Christine feels much more confident to be able to better support individuals, particularly having access to know where to signpost them for professional help locally. Christine said “the APP is a tremendously useful tool, not just in terms of the signposting but also in the ability to recognise the issues being raised and the advice to offer”.

Alex commented “the course was a real eye opener for me, highlighting the struggles people go through, especially in this current climate, and how everyone responds to these challenges in a different way. I found the advice given as to the terminology to use valuable and would not have considered before the reasons behind not using certain words” Alex summed up by saying that she had learnt an amazing new skill which she can now use both inside and outside of the workplace.

It has been well documented that the Hospitality Industry has suffered hugely over the past couple of years. Mental health and staff wellbeing has never before been more important to recognise than today. The three members of the team having undertaken this training will certainly make a difference to the Maids Head Family, who by a long tradition, have always supported and cared for one another.

Jon says “ I found the whole course highly enlightening. It has made me much more aware of mental health and wellbeing. The techniques for how to phrase your questions and how to listen will certainly help me to be able to provide much better support in the future.  The APP will help me to confidently support any individual in the Hotel who seeks my support. Already I have put my Mental Health First Aid training into practice and it is comforting to know that I can make a difference”.

The Maids Head was proud winner of Best Employer in the 2018 Norfolk Business Awards, demonstrating its strong commitment to the support and development of it’s valuable team. If you would like to consider working for the Maids Head, you can find details of all our current vacancies here

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