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Dawn Calls Time at the Maids Head

Pink bike in courtyard Dawn ready to cycle away

After over 40 years, much loved member of the Maids Head family, Dawn Medley, calls time at the Maids Head.

Initially Dawn worked part time at the Hotel when her children were little as the hours fitted around family life. Despite the long hours and the tired feet, Dawn loved working in the Banqueting Department. In particular, weddings, formal dinners and celebratory occasions.

Later, Dawn moved to cover breakfast and lunch shifts. The Minstrel Suite was used for breakfast and dinner in the 1980’s. Lunch being served in the courtyard, now the WinePress Restaurant, where there were two large gas fuelled fire pits.

Dawn was trained in the art of filleting fish and carving Beef Wellington at the table, the showmanship of flambéing crepes suzettes, as well as silver service and serving puddings from the dessert trolley.

In her later years, Dawn took on the role of Bar and Lounge host and loved serving her regulars, many becoming friends over the years. For 25 years, Dawn meticulously took care of the Rotary Club of Norwich St Edmund’s dinners, which are still held regularly at the Hotel.

When asked about who her favourite celebrities were that she met at the Hotel over the years, Dawn replied, “Meeting Torville and Dean was definitely a highlight as I use to love watching them skate. Eartha Kitt was also quite special. I love the character of the hotel and all it’s history, but most of all it is the people I have met”.
Throughout the past 40 years, Dawn has seen the Hotel change hands several times, but believes the best times were experienced when it  became independent in 2012.

Farewell Surprise Lunch as Dawn calls time at the Maids Head Hotel

Dawn calls time on Maids Head and is showered with gifts

Dawn was showered with gifts from the Maids Head Family.

On Dawn’s last day, a surprise party was thrown. Many present and past colleagues attended to wish her well. She was showered with gifts and Sarah Prior, Assistant Reception Manager, paid tribute to Dawn. “Dawn was a friend from the minute I joined the hotel. I will forever be thankful for her care and support”. General Manager, Christine Malcom thanked Dawn for her loyal service. Also for being a much loved member of the Maids Head family.

Happy pedalling Dawn, you are going to be greatly missed by the Maids Head family.

We love hearing stories about the Maids Head in times gone by. If you have a story to tell, or some Maids Head memorabilia, then please get in touch. Contact Georgina Postlethwaite, 01603 209955, or email

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